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Tick & Mosquito Spraying FAQs

Is SVMT’s spray safe for children & pets?

  • Yes, our tick & mosquito spray only needs 30 minutes to dry and your yard is then safe and ready for use.

Do we have to sign a contract for service?

  • No, we don’t require a contract. Sign-up when you want and cancel anytime.

How will I know when you are coming?

  • We will email you the day before each tick & mosquito spraying treatment.

Can you tell me when exactly you are coming?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact time due to unforeseen circumstances that can happen.

Can you come at a specific time?

  • In general, we can’t schedule exact times to spray due to unforeseen circumstances that happen throughout the day. However, if you have a special circumstance that needs a one-time accommodation, please give us a call at (978) 234-8900 and we will check to see if we can accommodate.

Do you offer organic treatments?

  • We offer all-natural treatments that have no insecticides and is made of botanical oils.

What is the difference between synthetic & all-natural treatments?

  • Synthetic is our traditional treatment that has a low toxicity insecticide that is very safe once dried. All-natural has no insecticides and is made of botanical oils.

Does all-natural treatments works as effectively as synthetic?

  • No, all-natural treatments have an 80-85% effectiveness. Synthetic treatments have a 90-95% effectiveness.

How bad are ticks this year?

Where do you spray in the yard?

  • We spray around all foundations, shrubs, pools, sheds, under decks, in the woods and anywhere else that mosquitos may be resting.

How often are treatments?

  • We will treat your property every 16-18 days throughout the season.

When does the season end?

  • The tick & mosquito spraying season ends the last week of September/first week of October.

How do we pay our invoice?

  • We recommend auto-billing. We can, however, send an e-invoice that can be paid online.

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