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Why Tick Control Is Essential in 2021

    Ticks. Just thinking about those little buggers can make the hair on your arms stand up. Not only are they incredibly annoying, but they can also cause a myriad of health problems for you, your kids, and your pets. It’s almost summer and already we are spending more time outdoors; unfortunately, that means we’ll be having much more interaction with these pesky pests. 

    According to, 2021 will be a rough year for ticks, especially in the warmer months. Tick populations are likely to be larger than normal and the Northeast will host an above-average threat level due to higher precipitation. Peak tick season in Massachusetts is April – October. So how can ticks be a threat to us? 


    Ticks are known for spreading diseases, the most common being Lyme Disease. Symptoms include fever, chills, nausea, neurological problems, and even death. The most common Lyme Disease carrying tick is the black-legged tick or “deer tick” and is found mostly in the Northeast US and parts of the Midwest. Unlike mosquitos, ticks will stay on you to feed for up to three days. Most ticks are so small that their presence can go completely unnoticed. 

    tick control for pets


    Ticks love pets too, especially man’s best friend! Species like the American Dog Tick and the Brown Dog Tick actually prefer them as hosts. Dogs spend more time outdoors and, therefore, make easy targets. Tick bites can be very difficult to detect beneath a dog’s fur. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, you will want to check them frequently for ticks as well. 

    So, what’s the good news? 

    The good news is professional tick spraying services can drastically reduce your exposure to these annoying arachnids. Shawsheen Valley Mosquito & Tick is a Wilmington tick control company that services North Central and Northeastern Massachusetts, including North Boston. 

    Shawsheen Valley Mosquito & Tick’s tick control method only takes 30 minutes to dry and is completely safe for both pets and children. We spray around foundations, shrubs, pools, sheds, decks, and any nearby woods to keep your family safe so you can enjoy your yard all summer long. 

    If you’re looking for quality tick control in Massachusetts, give us a call at 978-420-2887, or fill out a request form online. Tick spraying season is already in full swing and ends late September/early October. Be sure to reserve your service today!